Coaching tracks

Curiosity for Coaches

Are you a coach, struggling to find the right questions to ask so that you can understand your clients’ deepest dreams and needs and land a sale?

My promise to you: After four weeks, you will have gained the skills you need to come up with penetrating and genuine questions in sales conversations with potential clients and in coaching your clients. Provided, of course, that you put in the work – listen to the lectures, read the assigned material, do the daily exercises and turn up for our weekly coaching sessions – in total 30 -60 min/day!

Reading for Retention

Are you a professional, struggling to get the time to read and learn all the new material that keeps on stacking up on your desk – Medical articles, legal case studies, all the journals you need to read to stay up to date in your field?

Or are you busy within a corporation, struggling to perform optimally, reading and writing reports, organizing your time, communicating your knowledge to others in the company, or learning new skills, such as a new language, to earn a promotion?

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to (by the end of 12 weeks) always feel confident that you are on top of your reading material, having extracted the relevant information and committed it to memory.

Studying for Success

Are you a student or a graduate student, encumbered with course material and upcoming exams, struggling to get your time structured, get through it all and learn it well enough to get good results?

Decision making strategies for real-life

Are you at a crossroad in your life/career/business and do not know which path to choose? Or are you overwhelmed with the number of decisions that you have to make daily? Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to spend six weeks designing your personalized and scientifically reliable strategy for making decisions. No more overwhelm, just the ability to handle what life throws at you, with confidence.

The six-week online course takes a holistic view on decision-making and incorporates rational, intuitive and social aspects, as well as your values, priorities and personality.

Read more about the course and when the next course start is here:

Is it rather a business coach you need?

While I am not a business coach, I know a really good one, Brian Elam, that I could recommend. He serves first-time entrepreneurs and public speakers. Here is how you get in contact with him:


Or is it a fitness coach you need?

As I emphasize in my coaching and in my courses, in order to learn or make good decisions, taking good care of your body is essential. While I am not a fitness coach, I can recommend my friend Ryan to help you with that.

Ryan is the president and founder of Hitback Evolution LLC, a company specializing in personal development, customized fitness programs and fitness for the time-restricted individual.  With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, Ryan has successfully aided clients with various conditions and needs in achieving their goals.  Ryan is also an active blog writer and author, having published two books up to this current moment.  During his spare time, Ryan is devoted to charitable service as he competes in fitness competitions, endurance sports, and athletic endeavours to raise money for The Foundation For NIBD In Kids.  Contact Ryan via and visit his website at