Curiosity for Coaches

Are you curious enough to discover your (potential) clients’ dreams and needs?

In a sale’s conversation with a potential client, you must know how to ask the kind of questions that enables you to delve deep into their psyche and find out what is of utmost importance to them, what makes them tick, and what their innermost dreams and underlying needs are. Only then will your solution strike right into the heart of their perceived problem.

When coaching your clients, you need to be able to ask penetrating questions, the kinds of questions that no one else dares to ask, the kinds of questions that they will only accept from a coach. Don’t let them down by limiting your range of questions. Be curious about who they are and why they want what they want!

After half a life in a school system that does not encourage curiosity from its students, but rather a compliant and unquestioned acceptance of what the teachers say, most of us have forgotten our childhood’s brilliant capacity for being curious.

However, like imagination, playfulness and creativity, your curiosity can be trained and worked like a muscle to become stronger and more versatile.

With the right exercises and personalized training schedule and coaching by your curiosity PT, within weeks you will have increased your ability to come up with curious questions that will not only provide you with the answers you need but will also create a genuine report with your (potential) client.