Part of what makes life worth living for me is that there is always something new to learn!

My aim is to be of service to people who wish to improve their lives by exploring new areas of knowledge and learning new skills.

See an interview with me on the importance of curiosity for coaches, with Barbera Aimes from Changemakers Thriving Online.

How to read more in less time and actually retain what you’ve learned.

I specifically, though not exclusively, provide coaching for students taking the SuperLearner MasterClass, where you learn skills for accelerated learning. I am a certified coach for this course, trained by Jonathan Levi, the founder of the SuperHuman Academy.

Watch a podcast interview with me on how to enhance your learning using the findings from embodied cognition and mirror neurons.

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My university training includes Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics, Biology, Linguistics, Religious Studies, and Horticulture. I am also a certified dance leader in Liberating dance and Sacred dance and am learning several languages.

Life coach certificate
Superlearner coach certificate